I am Tevfik Server, a sworn translator. I work with Turkish-Russian translation pair. I am 35 years old. My experience covers more than 15 years of practice and tens of thousands of written and oral translations. My mission is to perform my work in such a way as to deliver benefits to my clients. I am strongly convinced that ignorance of language shall not be an obstruction to their personal, professional and career progress, that’s why I am always there, where my help is needed.

How and why did I become a translator? It happened by chance. Knowing that I speak Russian, my relatives asked me to translate a small book.  I did not have much experience, and what is more, I was young and I did not have appropriate skills at that moment. But I could not say ‘no’ to my relatives, and had to get down to work. I finished it in a month. To tell the truth, it was hard, I was overcome with idleness, but the desired goal did its part. I’ve got huge experience, and… loved this job! The result is that I went to one of the translation agencies and left my CV.

In the short run, I was invited by other translation agencies (it is known that agencies give positive grade to 2-3 specialists out of 100). I do not know whether it should be called luckiness, but I was accepted everywhere. I got regular translation orders. Regular customers appeared and their number increased every year. At some time, I decided to prove myself at permanent work, and in 2006, I found full-time job in translation company. Having worked more than four years there, I left for personal reason. I understood that there is no point to work in an agency, having a large number of my own clients. However, I have seen the professional translation world, looked at it from inside, and learnt its peculiarities.

I have my own formula for success. It is hard working multiplied by friendliness, diligence, positive attitude and… smile.

So then, if you visited my site in the hope of finding a translator, you may be sure – you have found him!

All my clients appreciate quality and time accuracy in my work.

I shall be glad to help you.

Yours sincerely,

Tevfik Server

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